Director’s Brief: Association of Children’s Librarians Institute Proposal

I took a bit of creative license and incorporated my favorite finds from the Hyperlinked Library course into an institute proposal. The Association of Children’s Librarians of Northern California is an organization I joined during my first year of library school. The group is comprised of about 300 youth services librarians and MLIS students and is dedicated to life-long learning and providing the best possible service to young patrons. Our annual one-day institute takes place at the San Francisco Public Library and each year we focus on an aspect of providing service to the communities we serve. Topics usually center on social justice with a focus on marginalized groups. For this hypothetical proposal, I wanted to focus on the librarians’ well-being as much as on the product of their efforts.

The Future is Now: How to Keep Pace, Move Forward, and Love Every Moment


To inspire, energize, and reboot the hardworking children’s librarians of Northern California through an institute focused on participatory youth services that engage and transform.

This brief is a topic proposal and outline for the 2020 annual institute for the Association of Children’s Librarians of Northern California (ACL). The institute will address the challenges youth service librarians and staff face in a world that is constantly changing.  We will focus on participatory library service, a model of librarianship that keeps pace with rapid change by engaging patrons in creative and collaborative processes that inform and empower every aspect of library service.

INFO 287  Hyperlinked_Director’s Brief






7 thoughts on “Director’s Brief: Association of Children’s Librarians Institute Proposal

  1. Sarah – this brief is so well executed – I truly hope it comes to fruition! Not only is the research there to back it up, you’ve gone so far as to present a fully realized agenda (and book @michael a 2020 gig!) AND you have injected heart and soul into the conference. Bravo!


    1. Bria, I think this could possibly become a reality (as long as I volunteer to be the institute chair!) I will have just graduated by 2020 so I’ll have PLENTY OF TIME 🙂


  2. @zaharako I LOVE the direction you took with your Director’s Brief! This was such a great way of synthesizing the hyperlinked library into your proposal. I sincerely hope this comes to fruition! I’ve enjoyed reading about all the projects you’ve written about this semester!


  3. I truly enjoyed reading your Director’s Brief. As a future children’s librarian, I would be 100% on board with play-based, collaborate programs for the library. I especially like the idea of children having input on what they would like to see in their “dream library”. We can try our best in trying to figure out what they want, but if it’s coming from the actual user, it can bring to light certain facets of library services and programming that we might not have thought about (As adults). Awesome job!


  4. Sarah Jo,
    They say a good piece of writing should make us get up and DO something. I just signed up for updates; I am building my portfolio of children’s storytime activities and music, so the song and fingerplay favorites was perfect. Thanks so much for a great post.


  5. I love the way you’ve presented your proposal, and found such an interesting way to incorporate all the different aspects we’ve talked about in this class into one fun and informative activity. This reads very much like a real agenda for one of the cooler conferences I’ve attended, so kudos on making it seem so professional and complete.


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